Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero, additionally known by his phase name Luis Fonsi, (born April 15, 1978) is really a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and actor.

Fonsi was created on April 15, 78 in San Juan, Muelle Rico, the son associated with Alfonso Rodriguez and Delia “Tata” Lopez-Cepero. In 95, Fonsi enrolled at Sarasota State University to study songs. He also joined the actual school’s choir and sang with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra.

Luis Fonsi may be the oldest child of Alfonso Rodriguez and Delia Lopez-Cepero. He has three younger brothers and sisters: Jean Rodriguez, who is also a singer, and Tatiana Rodriguez and Ramon perform Salotti As a child, Luis Fonsi showed signs that music would definitely direct his life. Growing up he imitated the stars from the popular group Menudo, although still young, he joined up with the San Juan Little one’s Choir.

After living within the United States mainland for one 30 days, Fonsi spoke English without a drop of an accent.[citation needed] He entered Doctor Phillips High School, and participated within a group called “Big Men. ” They sang in school parties and local celebrations. One of the members of the team, Joey Fatone, later became a member of NSYNC.

Because music had been such an important part of their life, Fonsi gained the scholarship and attended California State University for his or her musical studies, which offered him opportunities towards the future in recording. This individual also joined the university’s choir, which let him journey and perform throughout the United states of america and London. He do well in schooling while focusing on the field of music.